The Dewan Negara passes the Housewives’ Social Security Bill 2022. – The Malaysian Insight file pic, August 9, 2022.

THE Dewan Negara passed the Housewives’ Social Security Bill 2022 today.

When winding up the debate on the bill, Deputy Human Resources Minister Awang Hashim said the ministry and the Social Security Organisation (Socso) would implement various measures to encourage husbands to contribute to the Housewife Social Safety Scheme (SKSSR) for their wives.

He said this included a proposed tax exemption for the husbands as well as a matching contribution incentive where part of the contribution would be borne by certain parties, such as the government.

“However, we will refine this matter, taking into account the financial implications. A technical team will also be established if there are such demands,” he said.

In addition, Awang said Socso will intensify awareness campaigns through engagement sessions, road shows, Prihatin Squad activities, and its Social Synergy programme to encourage husbands to contribute to the SKSSR.




“This is to protect our wives who gave birth to our children,” he said.

Earlier, when winding up the debate on the Employment Social Security (Amendment) Bill 2022, Awang said a total of 1,090 disabled individuals had been registered under the Socso  Employment Service, adding that under the Return to Work programme, a total of 48,354 persons with disabilities secured employment from January 2007 until last Friday.

During the debate, Senator Ras Adiba Mohd Radzi wanted to know the statistics on the number of disabled workers registered in the Socso system and the number of disabled people currently receiving benefits under the organisation.

The bill was subsequently passed with majority support. The Employment Insurance System (Amendment) Bill 2022 was also approved.

The Dewan Negara sitting continues tomorrow. – Bernama, August 9, 2022.

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